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The Coot Amphibian

The Coot is a homebuilt amphibian that features high-lift wings which fold for trailering and which do not require flaps. They emerge from the mid-hull for superior ground effect during water take-off and landing. Because the wing roots (sponsons) rest on the water, there is no need for wing-tip floats. The low wing also allows for a relatively low engine location, with a low center of thrust, as well as safe and easy handling during step-taxiing.

There is no "kit," but contoured fiberglass hull parts are available through the Message Board. Print the Builder Support page, check off what you want, and enclose US funds to order the Coot plans, newsletter or any of 3 books, called The Coot Story, The Coot in a Nutshell and The Essential Coot.

Richard Steeves, Editor

The Coot-builder's Newsletter

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