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(up-dated Jan 3, 2018) - Kindly let me know when sale is made.

Paul Trudel (email pgtru@msn.com or phone 604/725-8045) is offering his magnificent Coot A amphibian, C-GPDT, for sale at $46K. TT=600 hr, Powered by a Continental IO-360 engine. A Great Coot in Canada.!

Mark Russell (phone 760-703-5557) wants to sell his deceased father's Coot N12QQ for $23,000. It has been in storage for 10years, and comes with its trailer. All logs and papers will be included. Call for details..

Bruce Buksyk has a trove for a mid-level Coot-builder, for sale at well below the cost of the raw materials at today's prices, so check below and call Bruce (920/725-4110) or email him: brucebuksyk@sbcglobal.net -


$400. for truss wings, complete with all leading & trailing edges + straps.

$150. for a non-drilled set of 16, 4130 wing straps.


Several Coot enthusiasts have asked me if I would put a video of a Coot landing and taking off from water on this web site. Paul Trudel has kindly made a 37-minute video of Coot history and of N1395X, otherwise known as Harvey. My web helper, Tom Kourakis, has reduced it to ~8 minutes, so you can link to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8KJRayEogs and enjoy the ride.

Ken Vance (Louisville, OH, phone 330/875-1593) wants to sell N14KV after flying it only 30 minutes, due to nose leg and tail damage in 1999. Asking $10,000. without the engine, Ken would include a trailer and other parts.

Tom Pittendreigh (Moodus, CT, phone 860/873-2422, cell 860/638-7135 or email ltpitt1@sbcglobal.net) has a Coot hull, foredeck, sponsons, rear canopy and windshield for sale, all for $900. (Tom has just purchased the DeVoss Coot from Jeff and Sue Miller.)


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